Enforcer Game


Enforcer fight your way through 50 levels and destroy the enemy forces that are trying to bring you to your knees.

How to play

Enforcer is a quick and fun game.

- Use the left attack button to attack left.

- Use the right attack button to attack right.

- Press the jump button to dodge enemy attacks.

If you get hit use a coin to revive your life or the game is over.

How many opponents can you beat within the time limit?

How to earn coins

Earn coins within the store and upgrade your weapons. Special Move

Attack the flying enemy and destroy all enemies on the screen, but watch out for the flying bomb you will need to use the shield to protect yourself.


This is a fighting game. The key is defeating as many enemies within the time limit. The levels get harder, so make sure to have the best weapon to defeat the enemies before they defeat you the Enforcer!

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